WinMerge 2.14.0 Release Notes

June 2011

About This Release

This is a WinMerge 2.14.0 stable release. This release replaces earlier WinMerge stable releases as a recommended release.

Please submit bug reports to our bug-tracker.

What Is New in 2.14.0?

WinMerge 2.14 is an important update to WinMerge. There are lots of improvements and bug fixes since 2.12.4 stable release.

It's important to note that this is the first stable release that no longer ships with the ANSI version of WinMerge, and as a consequence it drops support for Windows 9x, ME and NT4.

2.14.0 stable release has many changes after beta release. But see also the 2.13 beta release changes below for other important changes in this release.


Other changes

Bugs fixed

New Translation

Translation updates

What Is New in 2.13.20 beta?

WinMerge before version 2.13.20 was vulnerable to DLL hijacking as described in Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637). To fix this problem, we must also drop support for Windows 9x, ME and NT4.


Other changes

Bugs fixed

New Translations

Translation updates

Known Issues