The Open Discussion forum is the fastest way to get help. Please be patient, it may take some time for somebody to answer. A other way is a subscription to the support mailing list.

If you find a bug, please submit it as a bug report. Please attach as much information as you can: at a minimum, the version number of WinMerge that you are using. If you can, also attach a configuration log which, you can display by clicking HelpConfiguration in the WinMerge window. Una buena información en un informe de error hace que sea más probable que su error se corregirá rápidamente.

You must register with before posting a bug report (registration is free). Se requiere registrarse porque envíos anónimos causaron una gran cantidad de spam y también porque no había posibilidad de contactar con gente para pedir más información. We rarely sent direct emails but you will get notifications when we ask questions in the bug item.

Wish list items on the feature request list will also be considered, but we make absolutely no promises.

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Desde que WinMerge es un proyecto Open Source , usted puede utilizarlo de forma gratuita. Pero por favor considere realizar una donación para apoyar el desarrollo continuo de WinMerge.

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You can also support WinMerge by buying merchandise at the WinMerge CafePress store. 20% of the sales goes to WinMerge.