Registro de cambios

WinMerge 2.16.4
  File compare:
  - Bugfix: coretools.cpp: linelen() should not truncate lines with embedded
     NULs (GitHub #156)
  - Bugfix: file compare : right-click doesn't select the diff under
     the mouse (GitHub #159)
  - Bugfix: Avoid an exception in GuessCodepageEncoding() when filepath equals
     "NUL" (GitHub #162)
  - Bugfix: Auto-indent did not work if the EOL-style was not CRLF
  Folder compare:
  - Bugfix: Generating HTML Folder Compare report including File Compare
     report did not complete (Bitbucket #15)
  - Bugfix: Compare Statistics dialog: The number of diff folders was
     counted in the number of diff files
  - Bugfix: PrediffLineFilter.sct: Wrong encoding for settings
     dialog (Bitbucket #16)
  - Update Russian translation (Bitbucket PR #51)
  - Update Italian translation (Bitbucket PR #52)
  - Favor PathContext::GetSize() over PathContext::size() (GitHub #157)
  - Consolidate FolderCmp (GitHub #158, #160, #161)
  - Avoid some InnoSetup compiler warnings (Bitbucket PR #53)

WinMerge 2.16.3
  - Bugfix: Slow startup with documents folder redirected to high-latency
     network drive (Bitbucket #155)
  - Add VisualElementsManifest for Windows 10 start menu (Bitbucket PR #47)
  - Reduce the size of the executable file
  File compare:
  - Bugfix: Location and Diff pane visibility broken in 2.16.1 
     (GitHub #138, Bitbucket #163, #2228)
  - Bugfix: Temporary files could not be created (GitHub #143, #2220)
  - Bugfix: Trivial bugfix (GitHub #155)
  - Bugfix: Regression: Incorrectly shows 'no changes' for large portions of
     certain binary files! (Bitbucket #162)
  - Small tweaks for HTML file reports (Bitbucket PR #44, #45)
  - Made diff algorithm selectable by using libXDiff
     algorithms: default(Myers), minimal, patience, histogram
  - triple click to select whole line (Bitbucket #144)
  - Add support for merging word level diffs in selection
  Folder compare:
  - Bugfix: WinMerge 3-Way Compare Bugs: Always Shows Unique Items.
     (GitHub #154)
  - Bugfix: WinMerge could not compare files that are opened in other
  - Show progress bar while generating Folder Compare Report
  - Use own colors settings for folder compare (Bitbucket PR #49)
  Project file:
  - Bugfix: Possible Bugs in 2.16.2 ( #2221)
  - Supporting relative path in project file (Bitbucket #158)
  - Allow multiple  in project file
  Image compare:
  - Bugfix: no message was displayed when file saving failed
  - Implement Insertion/Deletion Detection
  Options dialog:
  - Tweak size of combobox "codepage" in options (GitHub #144)
  - Sort combobox codepage and add manual codepage (GitHub #145)
  - Allow per-user installation (only x64 installer)
  - Don't install Files.txt and don't add "Uninstall WinMerge" to the
    start menu (Bitbuket #38)
  - Update French translation (GitHub #149, #150)
  - Update Lithuanian translation (Bitbucket PR #36, #40, #43, #46, #48, #50)
  - Update Russian translation (Bitbucket PR #41, #42)

WinMerge 2.16.2
  File compare:
  - Bugfix: Edit > Replace > All, Undo: should undo all ( #2113)
  - Bugfix: Save As: default directory should be file's original
    directory ( #2163)
  - Bugfix: Strings with embedded 0 bytes are handled incorrectly (
  - Bugfix: Removed word level merge support due to unstable behavior
  - Bugfix: Menu item "File->File Encoding" moves main window (Bitbucket #150)
  - Bugfix: Crash when maximizing MDI child window
  - bugfix: Crash when failed to load file
  - Add syntax highlight for Lua (Bitbucket #114)
  Folder compare:
  - Bugfix: Compare results refresh incorrectly after deletions ( #2217)
  Archive Support:
  - Upgraded to 7-zip 19.00
  Tab bar:
  - Improve icon display at 120DPI
  Image compare:
  - Bugfix: Zoom In/Out shortcuts don't update zoom level in location
    pane (Bitbucket #149)
  - Zoom In/Out menu items for image compare (Bitbucket #148)
  Open dialog:
  - Allow quoted filenames in "Select Files or Folders" ( #1240,
    GitHub #137)
  - Some tweaks for the manual (Bitbucket PR #35)
  - Bugfix: Gibberish language during installation (Bitbucket #147)
  - Update Catalan translation (Bitbucket PR #29)
  - Update Italian translation (Bitbucket PR #32)
  - Update Lithuanian translation (Bitbucket PR #33)
  - Update Simplified Chinese translation (Bitbucket PR #34)

WinMerge 2.16.1
  - Updated the copyright year to 2019, actually (GitHub #110)
  - Prevent splitter view from claiming input focus (GitHub #127)
  - Contributors.txt: Changed EOL from Unix (LF) to Windows (CR LF),
    because not shows correctly in Windows Notepad. (Bitbucket PR #17)
  Open dialog:
  - Alternatively to Swap buttons, allow drag & drop between filetype
    icons (GitHub #118)
  - Expose cleaner moving/resizing behavior esp. in non-maximized
    state (GitHub #119)
  - Avoid retaining bogus filetype icons from previous selections (GitHub #122)
  File compare:
  - Bugfix: Extra blank displayed after left/right single/double
    quotes (Bitbucket #134)
  - Bugfix: Click doesn't trigger document to scroll in Location pane under
    circumstance (Bitbucket #140)
  - Bugfix: Frustrating text selection bug (GitHub #109)
  - Bugfix: Left and Right files swap after losing focus
    v2.16.0.0 ( #2213)
  - Bugfix: WinMerge Unicoe X64 version displaying
    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Asset in DiffWraper.CPP
    line 984 ( #2214)
  - Bugfix: Cancelation of selection range with reverse indent ( #2215)
  - Bugfix: upward and downward search not work correctly
  - Bugifx: Fix menu accelerator conflict
  - Add File/Recompare As/Image menu item
  - Add support for merging word level diffs in selection
  Folder compare:
  - Bugfix: Unique files are not shown (Bitbucket #138)
  - Bugfix: Improve Hard-IO error handling, other bug fixes, cleanup,
    tweaks (GitHub #120)
  Archive Support:
  - Upgraded to 7-zip 18.06 (Bitbucket #119)
  Options dialog:
  - Bugfix: Widen the width of labels in Options dialog (GitHub#108)
  - Bugfix: view settings make winmerge crash (Bitbucket #109)
  - Bugfix: 64bit version can't browse between option pages (Bitbucket #128)
  - Bugfix: Shell Integration "Enable Advanced Menu" disabled on new
    install (Bitbucket #137)
  - Bugfix: Binary File options don't change from default (Bitbucket #135)
  Shell extension:
  - Bugfix: CreateTranslatedRcFiles needs an update (GitHub #113)
  - Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (GitHub #108)
  - Update Swedish translation ( #3035, GitHub #112, #114)
  - Update Lithuanian translation (Bitbucket PR #7, #8, #27)
  - Update Russian translation (Bitbucket PR #9-#26, #139)
  - Update Bulgarian translation (Bitbucket PR #28)
  - Update Turkish translation ( #3036)
  - Update Japanese translation
  - Remove now unneeded MergeLang.dll
  - Bugfix: Some fixes in the manual (GitHub #116)
  - Bugifx: end of line documentation ( #2211)
  - Clarification as per (GitHub #126)
  - Remove `nFinalNullLines` checking, disabled by an earlier
    commit (GitHub #111)
  - Various minor updates, plus preparation for VS2019 (GitHub #115)
  - DiffTextBuffer: Create Unicode temp files (makes EscapeControlChars()
    obsolete) (GitHub #123)
  - Don't pass `DIFFITEM *` by casting to `uintptr_t` (GitHub #124, #125)

WinMerge 2.16.0
  - Bugfix: Disabled icon on toolbar not gray out when running on XP
  File compare:
  - Bugfix: Copy to X and Advance" not work in 3way-compare (Bitbucket #123)
  - Bugfix: File compare always showing different ending (GitHub #106)
  - Bugfix: Scrolling issue (GitHub #105)
  - Bugfix: A crash (GitHub #104)
  - Add separators to "Zoom" and "Diff Context" menus (Bitbucket PR #5)
  Open dialog:
  - Bugfix: Drag&Drop in Open Dialog won't work correct (Bitbucket #125)
  - Drop ClearCase integration (Bitbucket PR #6)
  - Add Lithuanian translation (Bitbucket #124)
  - Update Portuguese translation (GitHub #102,103)

WinMerge 2.15.5
  - Add support for very long path and file names (GitHub #87,95,99)
  - Enable Ctrl+C shortcut key on the file path bar
  - Remove support for old version control system (GitHub #96)
  - Improve Options > Color > Differences dialog layout (GitHub #89)
  - Improve information and formatting in Help > Configuration reporting (GitHub #92)
  - Improve visual layout of Open dialog (GitHub #97)
  - Add icon for "New (3 panes)" menu item (GitHub #97)
  File compare:
  - Add Window/Split menu item
  - Improve handling of last lines in files (GitHub #89,90,93)
  - Improve "Visual C++ Loose" filter (GitHub #95)
  - BugFix: Crash when saving a file if the active pane is diff detail pane
  - BugFix: Crash when pressing Alt+Down key while loading large files
  - BugFix: Crash when "mousing over" Plugin Setting context menu if Plugins are disabled
  - BugFix: Various problems reading of files > 2GB (GitHub #81)
  - BugFix: Selecting files "From MRU list" again works correctly
  - Update Italian translation (GitHub #86)
  - Update Japanese translation (Bitbucket #3)
  - Update Dutch translation
  - Update German translation
  - Bugfix Spanish translation error (Bitbucket Issue #108)
  - Various diffengine and compilation/build fixes
    (GitHub #89,90,91,92,94)

WinMerge 2.15.4
  - BugFix: Dot icon in a drop-down menu is not drawn correctly
  File compare:
  - BugFix: Crash when reading a file in Google Drive File Stream (
  - BugFix: Crash when removing ghost lines (GitHub #80)
  - BugFix: Lines without EOL appears even though it is not the last line
  - Add Ctrl++/Ctrl+-(not numpad key) shortcut key to zoom in/out (
  - Remove 2GB file size limit for 64-bit build (GitHub #81, #82)
  Folder compare:
  - Add Pause button to Folder Compare Progress dialog (,#1222,#1237)
  - Re-detect the file encoding when opening files (
  Open dialog:
  - Add Options button to Open dialog
  - Add Save Project button to Open dialog
  Patch generator dialog:
  - BugFix: File1/File2 fields don't remember manual input (
  - BugFix: Garbled text was copied to the clipboard when generating a report
    on the clipboard (
  - Add PrediffLineFilter.sct plugin
  - Make ignored lines by Prediffer plugin colored
  - Update Slovak translation (
  - Update Portuguese translation (GitHub #84,#85)
  - Adapt to VS2017 version 15.6.1 (GitHub #79)

WinMerge 2.15.3
  File compare:
  - Fix assertion error when started on Windows XP
  - Fix a problem that moved blocks are sometimes shown as normal diff blocks
  - Fix a problem that EOL is removed unexpectedly when removing lines
    included ghost lines
  - Fix reverse search to search last line correctly
  - Fix infinite loop when replacing ^ (
  - Fix to show text that contains & on message box, correctly (
  Folder compare:
  - Fix a problem that unique files are invisible when comparing files using
    'Date' compare method
  - Remove trailing garbage from a dragged text (Github#75)
  Patch generator dialog:
  - Fix a problem that typed-in Context in Generate Patch is not applied
  - Entitify file paths in HTML & XML directory comparison reports (
  Location pane:
  - Add support for HiDPI screens (Github #54)
  - CompareMSExcelFiles.sct: Add "Compare headers and footers" checkbox to
    settings dialog (
  - Remove extra space in installer: " Launch WinMerge" (
  - Add "How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs" section into GPL.rtf
  - Add Finnish translation (
  - Add Sinhala translation (
  - Update Korean translation (Github #61)
  - Update Portuguese translation (GitHub #56-78)
  - Update Polish translation (
  - Update Turkish translation (Bitbucket#85, #86)
  - Change the file encodings of all .po files of WinMerge GUI to UTF-8 

WinMerge 2.15.2
  - Flatten GUI pane edges
  - Partial support for HiDPI (not Per-Monitor DPI Aware)
  - Remove splash screen. The splash screen image is now displayed in About
  Tool bar:
  - Add "View->Toolbar->Huge" menu item
  - Add drop down menu to Options icon
  - Add icons for 3-way merge functions
  Open dialog:
  - Change window type of Open dialog from modal window to MDI child window
  - Add Read-only checkbox to Open dialog
  - Add buttons to swap items
  - Add the third path combobox for 3-way comparison
  - Allow file name patterns like not only *.ext but file*.ext
  Tab bar:
  - Make Tabbar reorderable by using drag-and-drop
  - Add "Close Other Tabs", "Close Right Tabs" and "Close Left Tabs" menu items
      to system menu
  - Add "Enable Auto Max Width" menu item to Tab Bar context menu
  - Show close button when hovering over tabs
  - Add icons to each tab
  Options dialog:
  - Add "Close Select Files or Folders Dialog on clicking OK button" checkbox
     to "General" page
  - Add "Language" combobox to "General" page and remove Language dialog
  - Add "Ignore codepage differences" checkbox to "Compare/General" page
  - Remove checkboxes in "Enable multiple compare windows for" group from
      "General" page (Now always enabled multi compare windows)
  - Add "Include Subfolders" checkbox to "Compare/Folder" page
  - Add "Automatically expand all subfolders" checkbox to "Compare/Folder" page
  - Add "Ignore Reparse Points" checkbox to "Compare/Folder" page
  - Add "Number of compare threads" textbox to "Compare/Folder" page
  - Add "Compare/Binary" page
  - Add "Compare/Image" page
  - Add checkboxes whether to use custom colors for text to 
      "Colors/Differences" page
  - Add "GitHub/Bitbucket" button to "Colors/Differences" page
  - Add "Margin" color button to "Colors/Text" page
  - Add "Colors/Markers" page
  - Remove "Use stand-alone 7-Zip if available" and 
      "Use local 7-Zip from WinMerge folder" radio button from 
      "Archive Support" page
      (Now always use local 7-Zip from WinMerge folder)
  - Make $file and $linenum parameters available in External editor textbox
      on "System" page
  - Make Custom codepage on "Codepage" page selectable from dropdown list 
  - Add "Detect codepage for text files using mlang.dll" checkbox to 
      "Codepage" page
  - Remove "Include subfolders by default" checkbox from 
      "Shell Integration" page
      (ShellExtension now refers to "Include subfolders" checkbox 
        on "Compare/Folder" page or on "Select Files or Folders" dialog)
  - Remove "Add Shell menu to context menu" from "Shell Integration" page
      (WinMerge now always adds shell menu to context menu in Folder window)
  - Add "Register shell extension" button to "Shell Integration" page
  Folder Compare:
  - Add Multi-thread compare support for Full Contents or Quick Contents
  - Color the background of items in list view
  - Restore collapse/expand state of folder tree after re-comparison 
  - Make comparing window closeable
  - Make sub-folder re-comparable
  - Display folder items in list view during comparison
  - Display the file name currently being compared in progress window
  - Add "Parent Folder" menu item in 'Open Left/Middle/Right' menu
  - Add "Compare Non-horizontally" menu item to context menu
  - Add "Copy items To Clipboard" menu item to context menu
  - Add "Swap panes" menu item to View menu
  - Add "Auto/Manual Prediffer" menu item to Plugin menu
  - Open selected folders in new tab when clicking "Compare" menu item with
    pressing Ctrl key
  - Cleanup Date column alignment (GitHub #25)
  - Bugfix: Version column not sorted correctly
  - Bugfix: A unique item that is a binary file was not detected
      as a binary file
  - Bugfix: Properly handle 3-way comparison of Binary files (Github #23)
  - Bugfix: Use proper font for View>Use Default Font menu item (GitHub #24)
  File Compare:
  - Add support for 3-way compare/merge
  - Add "Diff Context" menu to View menu to adjust the number of displayed
    diff context lines
  - Add "Split Vertically" menu item to View menu
  - Add "Add Synchronization Point" to Merge menu
  - Add "Auto/Manual Prediffer" menu item to Plugin menu
  - Show the name of the applied plugin in the status bar
  - Add shortcut(Ctrl+Alt+E) to open with external editor
  - Add Go and Rust highlighter
  - Add VHDL syntax highlighter (Bitbucket #2)
  - Add C++11 keywords
  - Make merge editor window D&Dable
  - Highlight the search text and implement Marker
  - Highlight the EOL pane in status bar if there is a difference 
      in the EOL of files
  - Reload files when another application changes files opened by WinMerge
  - Improve in-line diff algorithm
  - Bugfix: More on Issue #73 Fixed the -dl -dm and -dr description parameters
    for conflict files
    (for both 2 way and 3 way conflict files).(Bitbucket #1)
  - Bugfix: Fix Memory Leak with Drop Targets (GitHub #26)
  Binary Compare:
  - Install binary file editor (frhed) component again by default
  - Make binary file editor undoable
  Image Compare:
  - Add image file compare/merge support
  - Add "Include File Compare Report" checkbox to "Folder Compare Report"
  - Change the encoding of HTML folder compare report from ANSI to UTF-8
  - Add icons to the HTML folder compare report
  - Change visual style of HTML report
  Archive Support:
  - Install 7-zip plugin by default
  Drag and Drop:
  - Accept drag&droped files or folders from various places like:
    Zip folder, FTP folder, Recycle bin, images in Web browser
  - Introduce new plugin type FILE_FOLDER_PACK_UNPACKER
    which allows unpacking data in a file to multiple files in a folder
  - Use FILE_FOLDER_PACK_UNPACKER plugin for decompressing archives
  - Add support for unpacker plugin written in VBScript/Javascript.
  - Add WinMerge32BitPluginProxy.exe to make 32-bit plugins usable in 64-bit
  - Rewrite some plugins in VBScript
  - Add CompareMSPowerPointFiles.sct plugin
  - Add ApplyPatch.sct plugin
  - Add SortAscending, SortDescending and ExecFilterCommand menu item to 
    Plugin->Script menu
  - Make plugins configurable with settings dialog of each plugin
  - Update *.flt files for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017
  Shell extension:
  - Display another WinMerge icon in Explorer's context menu when a folder is
  - 64-bit version of WinMerge is available
  - Install plugins by default
  - Update Portuguese translation (GitHub #2-17)
  - Update Korean translation (GitHub #45)
  - Update Traditional Chinese translation (GitHub #53)
  - Remove "Language" menu item from View menu
    (You can specify UI language at Options dialog)
  Command line:
  - Incompatible change: The third file path is now treated as a right path
    for 3-way comparison, not output path
    Use /o option for ouput path instead
  - Add /wm, /dm, /fl, /fm, /fr, /al, /am and /ar option for 3-way comparison
  Other changes:
  - Add support for jump list introduced in Windows 7
  - Use POCO C++ libraries instead of pcre, expat and scew.
    They use pcre, expat internally
  - Link statically with MFC and VC runtime libraries
  - Various compilation/build fixes
    (GitHub #1,19,21,29,31-33,36-38,42-44,49-52)

WinMerge 2.14.0 - 2013-02-02 (r7596)

Bugfix: Shell extension uses unquoted program path (#3023) Translation updates: - Dutch (#3020) - Slovenian (#3021)

WinMerge 2.13.22 - 2013-01-13 (r7585)

Translation updates: - Turkish (#2967) - Russian (#3017) - Norwegian (#3018) - Danish (#3019)

WinMerge 2.13.21 - 2012-12-30 (r7575)

Update PCRE to version 8.10 Update SCEW to version 1.1.2 Improve startup time (#2788142) Add menuitems for selecting automatic or manual prediffing (#2638608) Add accelerator keys for Shell context menu (#2823536) Improve editing of linefilter regular expressions (#3015416) Allow editing context line count in patch creator (#2092180) Improve color options organization (#2818451) Add /xq command line switch for closing WinMerge after identical files and not showing message (#2827836) Allow setting codepage from command line (#2725549) Allow giving encoding name as custom codepage (#2813825, #3010934) Add new options dialog panel for folder compare options (#2819626) Add options GUI for quick compare limit (#2825628) Write config log as UTF-8 file (r7057) Bugfix: Untranslated string ("Merge.rc:nnnn") was displayed in status bar (#3025855) Bugfix: Pane headers not updated after language change (#2923684) Bugfix: Quick contents compare didn't ignore EOL byte differences (#2929005) Bugfix: Compare by size always checked file times too (#2919510) Bugfix: Crash when pasting from clipboard (#3109525) Bugfix: Keeps verifing path even turned off in options (#3111581) Bugfix: Crash after deleting text (#3109521) Bugfix: Added EOL chars between copied file/path names (#2817546) Bugfix: Created new matching folder to wrong folder (#2890961) Bugfix: Strange scrolling effect in location pane (#2942869) Bugfix: Plugin error after interrupting folder compare (#2919475) Bugfix: "+" and "-" from the number block don't work in the editor (#3306182) Bugfix: Date format did not respect Regional Settings (#3175189) Bugfix: When selecting multiple files in Patch Generator dialog, "Swap" button led to an error. (#3043635, #3066200) Bugfix: WinMerge contained a vulnerability in handling project files (#3185386) ( Installer: Remove OpenCandy from the InnoSetup installer (r7572, r7539) New translation: Basque (#3387142) Translation updates: - French (#3412030) - Hungarian (#3164982) - Spanish (#3412937)

WinMerge 2.13.20 - 2010-10-20 (r7319)

Add missing keywords to Pascal highlighter (#2834192) Recognize .ascx files as ASP files (#3042393) Fix help locations (#2988974) Show only "Copy to other side" item in file compare context menu (#2600787) Expand/collapse folders from keyboard (#2203904) Improve detecting XML files in file compare (#2726531) Initialize folder selection dialog to currently selected folder in options dialog (r6570) New translation: Persian (#2877121, #3065119) New translation: Serbian (#3017674, #3065119) Installer: Drop Windows 9x/ME/NT4 support and use Microsoft runtime libraries installer (#3070254) Installer: Remove Uninstall shortcut from start menu folder (#3076909) Installer: Don't install quick launch icon for Windows 7 (#3079966) Installer: Add OpenCandy to the InnoSetup installer (#3088720) Bugfix: WinMerge was vulnerable to DLL hijacking as described in Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637) (#33056008) Bugfix: Location pane focus enabled "Save" (#3022292) Bugfix: "Copy and advance" toolbar icons not automatically enabled (#3033325) Translation updates: - Bulgarian (#3082392) - Chinese (#3033324) - Dutch (#2804979) - French (#2850842, #2968200) - Slovenian (#2917796, #2932094, #2934354, #3070136) - Spanish (#2930734) - Turkish (#2825132, #2827817) - Ukrainian (#2817835)

WinMerge 2.12.4 - 2009-06-09 (r6833)

Add more C/C++ types to syntax highlight (#2776705) Create config log file to My Documents-folder (#2789839) Bugfix: Reports had same left/right descriptions (#2772646) Bugfix: When conflict file saved trailing line-ending was lost (#2550412) Bugfix: File compare HTML reports use invald DOCTYPE (#2783477) Bugfix: "##" in file filter pattern caused an infinite loop (#2789345) Bugfix: Could select prediffer when plugins were disabled (#2787131) Bugfix: Opening mixed-EOL file one side forced both files to be handled as mixed-eol files (#2022312) Bugfix: Didn't show correct EOL chars if whitespace chars were turned off and again on (#2791402) Bugfix: Generated patch had wrong file time for UTF-16 files (#2791506) Bugfix: Did not export changed options values (#2799149) Bugfix: Reset the compare method to original if it was changed (#2802427)

WinMerge 2.12.2 - 2009-04-01 (r6625)

Disable folder compare tree-view by default (#2714968) Bugfix: Filename extension column was empty for files (#2670046) Bugfix: Crash when selecting backup folder (#2686382) bugfix: Swapping panes did not update statusbar (#2661838) Bugfix: Says files are identical after making files different in another application and re-loading them (#2672737) Bugfix: Files with missing last EOL weren't merged correctly (#2712120) Translation updates: - Polish (#2717382, #2720875)

WinMerge 2.12.0 - 2009-03-05 (r6542)

Remember last target folder for Copy/Move to in folder compare (#2659228) Detect Windows 7 and Windows 2008 in config log (#2599256) Bugfix: Help window opened from WinMerge was modal (#2590079) Bugfix: Crash in editor when undoing (#2590212) Bugfix: Browse button in Option dialog reverted to previous settings (#2606153) Bugfix: Files without extension get backed up to name..bak (#2627752) Bugfix: Must Show Different to Show L/R Unique (#2129561) Translation updates: - Chinese Traditional (#2608190) - Croatian (#2596949) - Czech (r6538) - Danish (#2648183) - Dutch (#2586422, #2590430) - French (#2603591) - Galician (#2632173) - German (#2586497) - Greek (#2615285) - Japanese (r6456) - Swedish (#2586274) - Ukrainian (#2609242)

WinMerge 2.11.2 - 2009-02-05 (r6428)

Update Python syntax highlight keywords for Python 2.6 (#2473375) More accurate visible area rect in location pane (#2479804) New options page for Shell Integration options (#2433648) Remove Frhed hex editor from GUI (context menu) (r6376) Register.bat should use Find with full path (#2536582) Better Unicode file detection for full contents compare (2477657) Bugfix: Could not open project file that contains an ampersand character in folder names (#2372000) Bugfix: File compare method "Modified Date and Size" ignored file size (#2455595) BugFix: Quick compare didn't ignore EOL differences (#2433677) Bugfix: Remove EOL characters from command line (#2458728) Bugfix: Merging one line diff to empty other side didn't work (#2456399) Bugfix: Location pane was empty for some files with diffs (#2459234) Bugfix: Line filter editing didn't update edit box when editing was canceled by ESC key (#2493935) Bugfix: Wrong number shown for difference when using line filters (#2493980) Bugfix: Crashed if compared file disappeared during file compare (#2493945) Bugfix: Creating new files caused message about missing files (#2515875) Bugfix: Could not hide folders in recursive compare (#2528749) Bugfix: Folder Compare:Copy Right/Left don't create folder Bugfix: Must Show Different to Show L/R Unique (#2129561) Bugfix: Could not copy files from right to left (#2556904) Bugfix: Don't show file name extension for folders (#2563314) Translation updates: - Brazilian (#2461443, #2524796) - Chinese Traditional (#2540115) - Czech (r6201) - Dutch (#2481022, #2494378, #2499994) - French (#2551043, #2551066) - Greek (#2550911) - Swedish (#2452467, #2465385, #2511043) WinMerge 2.12.x (r2_12) branch created (r6202)

WinMerge - 2008-12-19 (r6200)

Allow reloading the file if it has been changed on the disk behind WinMerge (#2354125) Add option to show Open-dialog on WinMerge startup (#2327424) Add Git to Source Control filter and fix ignore file rules (#2329381) Add build identifier for 64-bit builds to About-dialog (r6142) Installer: Option to add WinMerge to system path (#2435175) Add Unicode version of heksedit (#2036603) Allow multiple file compare documents by default (#2445749) Bugfix: Move confirmation dialog sometimes had wrong paths (#2327565, #2309190) Bugfix: Use translated version of readme.txt for Chinese Simplified (#2391000) Bugfix: Installer didn't install readme.txt for all translations (#2396437) Bugfix: Could not give paths to commandline when started WinMerge from Cygwin prompt (#2427946) Bugfix: Infinite loop in heksedit's Replace-dialog (r6176) Translation updates: - Croatian (#2390558) - German (r6130) - Greek (#2379356) - Japanese (r6154) - Swedish (#2318778, #2374278)

WinMerge - 2008-11-20 (r6112)

Add shell context menu to folder compare context menu (#2189315) Update PCRE to version 7.8 (#2209911) Show missing lines in location pane for diffs having both different and missing lines (#2119235) Syntax highlighting for Verilog files (#2231145) Tweak new "equal file" icon a little bit (#2312381) Readme update (#2234689) Translation updates: - Brazilian (#2219568) - Czech (r6034) - Swedish (#2215167, #2236651)

WinMerge - 2008-10-23 (r6033)

General compare status for files (not known if text/binary) (#2175736) Change icons for the new general compare status (#2185302) Use 24bit icons for "Bookmarks" and "Delete" menu items (#2141184) Installer: create backup of ClearCase config file (#2129095) BugFix: Translatable strings having space before colon (#1971868) BugFix: Wrong cursor position when disabling selection margin (#2138555) BugFix: Showed a black line when disabling selection margin (#2068790) BugFix: Fix manual URL in Readme.txt (#2181628) BugFix: Long unique paths were mixed up in folder compare view (#2129634) BugFix: Some calls made to plugins when plugins were disabled (#2182788) BugFix: If messagebox was shown during file loading location pane didn't show any differences (#2101780)

WinMerge - 2008-10-02 (r5995)

Use external editor to edit file filters (#2082774) Improved command line handling (#2081779) Change Manual url to (r5956) Manual updates Plugins: Show processing instructions in XML plugin (#1979321) Add icon for "Compare" menu item (#2119843) Change download URL to current URL (#2136765) Installer: create backup of ClearCase config file (#2129095) BugFix: ClearCase checkout/commit dialog translation error (#2051069) BugFix: Table of Contents in manual (#2071625) BugFix: Highlight ShowUnInstDetails keyword for NSIS files (#2084879) BugFix: Displayed a blank time when file last modified time is 00:00:00 (#2098626) BugFix: Customized colors weren't used in some areas (#2110218) BugFix: Zip files were extracted into wrong folder (#2110350) BugFix: Case-sensitive regexp search didn't work (#1991259) BugFix: There were some installer regressions (eg. Installer didn't create Quick Launch icon) (#1460517) BugFix: Whitespace ignore options didn't work with quick compare (#2120174) BugFix: Giving path to file and folder to command line did not work (#2138560) New translation: Galician (#2120685) Translation updates: - German (r5934) - Russian (#2067785) - Swedish (#2075513) - Ukrainian (#2131753)

WinMerge - 2008-08-21 (r5846)

Binary file edit/compare (#2036603) Add wait cursor for undo and redo (#2039228) Add icon for "Open Conflict File" menu item (#2047054) Include unique subfolder contents in recursive folder compare (#2034259) Installer: Use -u switch in TortoiseSVN command line (#2060782) Add icon for "Plugins->List" menu item (#2060771) BugFix: External editor command line switches did not work (#2037862) BugFix: Deleting/Moving file crashed WinMerge in debugger (#2025833) Bugfix: Lost focus after folder compare operations (#2046002) Bugfix: Some files had folder icons when aborting folder compare (#2018836) BugFix: Didn't select word-diff cyclically by pressing F4 key (#1989858) BugFix: Could not reset EOL ignore after selecting it from query dialog (#2056741) Translation updates: - Brazilian (#2059836) - German (#2045666) - Greek (#2062442) - Chinese Traditional (#2039929) - Japanese (r5805) - Swedish (#2062107)

WinMerge - 2008-08-04 (r5733)

Rename color scheme menu item "None" and add separator (#2027300) Add -u commandline parameter as alternative to -ub (#2029275, #2030359) Remove RCLocalizationHelper plugin (#2029457) Clarify Supercopier caused hang in release notes (#2030040) Improve tree mode in folder compare (#2018836) Unlimited undo (#2033754) BugFix: Could change syntax highlight mode when highlighting was disabled from options (#2027325) BugFix: Editing line filters updated wrong filter (#2025130) BugFix: Boldfacing did work only for Courier font (#2000996) BugFix: Shift+Backspace didn't work in editor (#1153696)

WinMerge - 2008-07-24 (r5673)

Refresh compare after changing filter (#2017426) Add dialog listing available plugins (#2021722) Hierarchical directory comparison result view (#2018836) Add "Open Conflict" for file/folder compare menus (#2025472) Enable hierarchial folder compare view by default (#2025478) Confirmation dialog for move operations (#2026508) Manual: New build system (#2015434) Manual: Improve Opening Files and Folders (#2017901) Manual: Improve folder compare documentation (#2024587) BugFix: Failed to compare UTF-8 files plugins disabled (#2018287) Bugfix: Don't warn about closing multiple windows when only one window is open (#2010463) BugFix: Moving was allowed for protected items (#2023734) BugFix: Could change EOL style for protected file (#2025781)

WinMerge - 2008-07-11 (r5609)

Manual: Introduction update (#2011365) Manual: Reorganize structure (#2011924) Add ShellExtension menu for drive letters (root folders) (#2011602) Remove buildall.bat (#2013576) New option to enable plugins (disabled by default) (#2013845) Plugins: Show processing instructions in XML plugin (#1979321) BugFix: Use system codepage for paths (#1979429, #2008581) BugFix: ANSI build crash in folder compare (#2010053) BugFix: Add insert/overtype mode indicator to statusbar (#2015174) BugFix: Detected UTF-8 encoding shown as 65001 (#2012377) WinMerge 2.10.x (r2_10) branch created (r5561)

WinMerge - 2008-07-04 (r5560)

Manual: Copy editing (#2000322, #2005418) Manual: Clarify 64-bit support (#2002431) Reduce executable sizes (#2003203) Release Notes update (#2007673, r5557) BugFix: Possible crash when enabling line filter (#2004160) BugFix: Location Pane flickers when scrolling (#1938177, #2005031) BugFix: Use system codepage for paths (#1979429, #2008581) BugFix: Random crashes in folder compare (#2005308) Translation updates: - Chinese Traditional (#2007426)

WinMerge - 2008-06-24 (r5518)

Use PCRE regular expressions in the editor (#1991259) Installer: install to all users (#1460517) Update release notes (#1990886, #1995265, #1999880) Manual: Use PNG files (#1988845, #1989744) BugFix: Temp paths in Reports created from archive file (#1984346) BugFix: ISL file syntax highlighting starts comment with { (#1981326) BugFix: Crash when starting a second instance (#1993835) BugFix: Crash when starting WinMerge with only one path (#1994402) BugFix: Messages missing from installer translations (r5506) BugFix: Always right side as origin side in copy confirmation dialog when Copy To... (#2001237) New translation: Slovenian (#1997236) Translation updates: - Brazilian (#1994578) - Swedish (#2000307)

WinMerge - 2008-06-05 (r5438)

Update PCRE (regular expression library) to version 7.7 (#1941779) Add keywords to Basic highlighter (#1970912) Open conflict files by drag & dropping to main window (#1984884) Possible improvement for WinMerge exit bug (#1602313) BugFix: Location Pane flickers when resizing (#1740106) BugFix: Command line description text starting with "/" confused WinMerge (#1973225) BugFix: Item count in statusbar not get cleared (#1976480) New translation: Ukrainian (#1973149, #1974021) Translation updates: - Brazilian (#1978374) - Korean (#1978362) - Swedish (#1980970)

WinMerge - 2008-05-23 (r5362)

Optimize location pane (r5341, r5342, r5346, r5351, r5355, r5356) BugFix: Version Control filter did not match all VSS files (#1881186) BugFix: Fix showing differences in the end of the line (#1883409, #1962816) BugFix: Fix command line paths in quotes ending with "\" (#1963523) New translation: Greek (#1968429) Translation updates: - Bulgarian (#1957434) - Croatian (#1958283) - Swedish (#1950188, #1970074)

WinMerge - 2008-04-23 (r5324)

Release Notes update (#1933950) Installer: Use correct way to create start menu web link (#1913919) Installer: Simplify DeletePreviousStartMenu() function (#1913949) Installer: Updated the side art of the installer application (#1915012) Update URLs and switch to 2.8 manual (#1919965) New splash screen (#1914869) Tab icons at Filter dialog (#1926531) Add VS2003/VS2005 project files (#1926346) Create separate document for compiling WinMerge (#1927502) Update InnoSetup translations (#1931492) Make 'Yes' the default button in copy confirmation dialog (#1943647) Allow drag & drop of paths to Open dialog (#1945254) Enlarge 'Discard All' button in Save confirmation dialog (#1947216) BugFix: Installer could create a registry access error (#1909967) BugFix: The filter text box in Open-dialog sometimes displayed some garbage data (#1915424) BugFix: Print area was not clipped correctly. (#1915536) BugFix: Undo after pane swapping (#1915536, #1923625) BugFix: Quick compare for same folder didn't show differences (#1918599) BugFix: Installer didn't have ChangeLog.txt included (r5255) BugFix: Shortcuts given in command line were not expanded (#1942217) New translation: Romanian (#1939729) Translation updates: - Brazilian (#1913723) - Chinese Traditional (#1927605) - French (#1920380) - German (r5130, r5139, r5171, r5203, r5236, #1949068) - Italian (#1939235) - Japanese (r5152) - Polish (#1934655) - Russian (#1914466) - Spanish (#1907152, r5250) - Swedish (#1908289)

WinMerge 2.8 RC - 2008-03-04 (r5125)

Update developers list in splash screen (#1891548) Better error handling for Excel plugin (#1510293) Add macros, bookmarks and document properties to Word plugin (#1510298) Add *.dot (document template) extension to Word plugin (r5120) BugFix: Copy&Paste from VB6 added binary chars (#1904355) Translation updates: - Chinese Traditional (#1905323) - Swedish (#1905520)

WinMerge - 2008-02-28 (r5099)

Remove sintance.h/sintance.cpp as not compatible with GPL (#1886580) Automatically switch to mixed-EOL mode when loading files with two or more EOL styles (#1901547) Indent "Explorer Context Menu" sub options (#1901763) Replace 'DOS' in EOL style strings with 'Windows' (#1902583) Show 'Mixed' as file compare EOL style instead of empty style (r5091) Typo fixes and grammar improvements to several strings (#1898401) BugFix: Ignore codepage specified on File Encoding dialog if file was detected as UTF-8 (#1900728) BugFix: Recognize invalid UTF-8 sequence as UTF-8 (#1900733) BugFix: Didn't highlight any difference between untitled documents (#1900257) Translation updates: - Czech (r5073) - Japanese (r5076) - Swedish (#1901784)

WinMerge - 2008-02-22 (r5069)

Cleaning up Help-menu (#1875111) Right-align tab size number in editor options (r5037) Move Time difference ignore -option to compare options (#1892283) Add option to select temporary folder (#1893167) Show file encoding in file compare statusbar (#1895629) Unify EOL style strings in folder compare and file compare (#1896462) Remove "DisplayBinaryFiles" and "EditBinaryFiles" plugin (#1899161) BugFix: Potential lockup in folder compare (#1865131, #1889907) BugFix: Line filter didn't filter non-ascii lines correctly (#1880628) BugFix: GNU General Public License name in menu (#1868989) BugFix: Didn't switch back to content compare once switched to quick compare in folder compare (#1770373) BugFix: Quick compare didn't ignore EOL differences (#1884717) Translation updates: - Croatian (r5032) - Czech (r5017) - German (r5038) - Slovak (#1895583) - Swedish (#1891326)

WinMerge - 2008-02-07 (r5011)

Detect (and read/write) UTF-8 files without BOM (#1879271) Tell user that file is not a conflict file (#1880423) Allow opening conflict file from command line (#1880857) Use radio symbol for current EOL menu item (#1869755) Ask and create pair for unique folder and open them (#1881454) Add publisher info to version resource (#1884920) Move "Zoom In/Out" to own sub menu (#1879340) Installer: Add more version resource info (#1885793) Reset text zoom to default size with Ctrl + * (#1886664) BugFix: Always return 0 to command line (#1854419) BugFix: Merge/Delete deleted items from read-only sides (#1882019) BugFix: Shellextension had no publisher info and wrong description (#1878828) BugFix: Lockup when showing binary files (#1880711) Translation updates: - Croatian (r4952) - Japanese (r4962) - Swedish (#1884918)

WinMerge - 2008-01-23 (r4951)

Resolve conflict files (cvs, svn...) (#1875129) Save line filter when edit box loses focus (#1875853) Add link to translations website at help menu (#1699883) Manual: Add instructions for conflict file resolving (#1876770) Manual: Document third path given to command line (#1877735) BugFix: Fix Quick Compare regression in (#1872165) Bugfix: Clipped text in file saving error message (#1874854)

WinMerge - 2008-01-14 (r4915)

Syntax highlighting for PowerShell files (#1859657) Syntax highlighting for PO(T) files (#1866221) Change font size with Ctrl + MouseWheel (#1865795, #1869686) Horizontal scrolling with Shift + MouseWheel (#1865795) Installer: Add support for integration with latest version of TortoiseCVS and TortoiseSVN x64 (#1865168) Close compare tab with middle mouse button (#1865220) Add index.html for documentation folders (#1866183) Manual: Clarify file filters folder name matching (#1867212) Improve file compare margin icons location (#1718699) Enable file compare to open binary files (#1869647) File encoding dialog for file compare (#1871079) BugFix: Crash when using TrackPoint middle-button scrolling (#1864040) BugFix: WinMerge didn't show the contents of the symbolic link target (#1864978) BugFix: Unused registry key HKCU\Thingamahoochie\WinMerge was created (#1865202) BugFix: Register.bat didn't work on Windows 98 and Vista (#1869821) BugFix: Open-dialog was not displayed on Windows 98 (#1866442, #1869858) BugFix: Right mouse button didn't move cursor to new place (#1814184) Translation updates: - Spanish (#1867234) - Swedish (#1867765, #1867844)

WinMerge - 2007-12-20 (r4842)

New option to keep file's time when saving in file compare (#1851921) Installer: Link to translated ReadMe in Start menu, if file exists (#1805818) Add HTML-formatted release notes (#1851308, #1852534) Installer: Install release notes file (#1852599) Installer: Move manual to core files component and remove User Guide component (#1853409) Bugfix: VS2008 and VS2005 compile problems (#1847265) Bugfix: More difference highlight code reverts (#1748940) Translation updates: - Spanish (#1655577)

WinMerge 2.7.6 - 2007-11-29 (r4807)

Touchpad scrolling improvements (#1837457) BugFix: Values with "," inside could break the CSV report (#1831512) BugFix: Failed to create backup file in folder compare (#1835283) BugFix: Revert difference highlight code to 2.6.12 version (#1811695) BugFix: Backspace key didn't work when renaming items (#1738790) Translation updates: - Croatian (r4786)

WinMerge - 2007-11-19 (r4772)

Remove MFC dependency from ShellExtension (#1833521) Update ShellExtension icon to new WinMerge icon (#1833616) BugFix: Build script didn't update PO files correctly before copying (r4756) BugFix: ShellExtension's icon was clipped if system font size was small (#1833616) BugFix: Merge controls were not enabled for missing lines (#1833714)

WinMerge - 2007-11-15 (r4752)

BugFix: Many translation-system related fixes and improvements (#1804762) BugFix: When copying files to VCS system, destination file was not checked out (#1828930) BugFix: Visible area indicator on location pane shook when clicking above or below the vertical scroll bar to scroll one screen (#1829572) Translation updates: - Croatian (#1829301) - Japanese (r4730)

WinMerge - 2007-11-08 (r4722)

Bugfix: Don't enable merge GUI for ignored differences (#1826375) BugFix: PgUp key caused the error message "An invalid argument was encountered" when word-wrap mode was on (#1820631) BugFix: Keep selected items visible in Folder Compare columns dialog (r4715) BugFix: Disable Folder Compare column selection dialog's up/down buttons when first/last items are selected (r4716) BugFix: Many translation-system related fixes and improvements (#1804762) Add Croatian translation (#1820308) Translation updates: - Chinese Traditional (#1824691)

WinMerge - 2007-11-01 (r4687)

New PO files based translation system (#1804762) New folder compare column selection dialog (#1804555) Install WinMerge.exe (ANSI version) only for Windows 95/98/ME (#1809140) Better multi-monitor support, with option to lock panes (#1788168) Installer: Install PO files and MergeLang.dll (#1820689) BugFix: Ignored differences were merged when merging multiple differences (#1811745) Bugfix: Don't clear selection when right-clicking outside it (#1814184) Bugfix: Configuration log labeled Vista as Longhorn (#1815859) Bugfix: Customized text color for ignored differences didn't shown (#1807895) Translation updates: - Chinese Traditional (#1810192, #1810541) - Italian (#1805044)

WinMerge - 2007-09-27 (r4572)

Use PO files for translations (generate RC-files from PO-files) Add Portuguese translation (#1756364) Change Up/Down button names in folder compare columns dialog(#1800064) BugFix: Fix MakeResDll crash (#1795421) BugFix: Full screen mode didn't work with multiple monitors (#1788168) Bugfix: Revert multiple monitor patches (#1788168) BugFix: PgUp key didn't do anything in beginning of the file (#1795680) BugFix: The option 'Automatically scroll to first difference' didn't work properly when word-wrap mode was on (#1795814) Translation updates: - French (#1800064, #1802363) - Japanese (r4546)

WinMerge - 2007-09-11 (r4528)

Graphical improvements to location pane (#1770175) Remove MFC dependency from resource compiler (#1783581) Better multi-monitor support (split file view on monitor boundary) (#1788168) BugFix: Renaming unique item (only other side) renamed parent folder (#1787816) BugFix: Goto didn't change the active pane when selecting another pane (#1791351) Translation updates: - Traditional Chinese (r4473)

WinMerge - 2007-08-16 (r4440)

HTML reports for file compare (#1739209) Ask confirmation when exiting with multiple windows open (#1757800) Translation updates: - Catalan (r4370) - Simplified Chinese (r4369) - Danish (r4360) - French (r4383) - Russian (r4421) - Slovak (r4413) - Swedish (r4412)

WinMerge 2.7.4 - 2007-06-27 (r4352)

Batch-file syntax highlighting keywords cleanup (#1743504) Bugfix: Archivesupport: Zip-->both didn't work correctly (#1734439) Bugfix: Linediff didn't highlight whitespace differences (#1698781) Bugfix: Copy confirmation dialog did show wrong To-path (#1740024) Translation updates: - Italian (#1737491)

WinMerge - 2007-06-14 (r4330)

New big toolbar (actual image instead of placeholder) (#1736520) Bugfix: Fixes to folder compare copy/rename operations (#1730534) Translation updates: - Swedish (#1735635)

WinMerge - 2007-06-07 (r4321)

Recent project files in File-menu (#1731551) Automatically import existing linefilters to new dialog (#1718040) Bugfix: copy/delete of unique items failed in folder compare in (#1730534) Bugfix: crashed when ESC was pressed while renaming item in folder compare (#1705874)

WinMerge - 2007-05-31 (r4304)

Relax selecting parent folder restrictions (up arrow in folder compare) (#1727829) Show a warning if item can't be found anymore in folder compare and it is tried to access (copy/move/delete) (#1723778) New Borland Delphi file filter (#1699783) Gradient toolbar (#1717774) Bugfix: could not create new file filters in (#1719892)

WinMerge - 2007-05-15 (r4287)

Big (32x32) toolbar (image still placeholder) (#1698641) Improve folder compare copy confirmation dialog (#1699585, #1700241) New file filter for Symbian developers (#1694048) Bugfix: several fixes to in-line difference highlight (#1694102, #1714088) Bugfix: word wrap lose horizontal scrollbar (#1706476) Bugfix: fixes to tabbed window control (#1718148) Translation updates: - German (#1701151) - Japanese - Korean (#1704904) - Swedish (#1703350)

WinMerge - 2007-04-04 (r4234)

Tabbed interface (#1603292) Enable shell integration for folder backgrounds (#1693113) Allow selecting syntax highlighting (#1690346) New C# development file filter (#1689854) Icon updates (#1686279, #1692097) Bugfix: compare by date and by size broken in (#1693441) Bugfix: Open-dialog file filter failed if modified (#1693275) Translation updates: - Swedish (#1689515)

WinMerge - 2007-03-27 (r4201)

Several fixes to line difference highlighting (#1491334, #1683061, #1639453) Icon updates (#1684865) Printing improvement (#1687430) Language files size reduced (#1687661, #1687983, #1688012) Bugfix: binary file compare crash (#1687966) Bugfix: long linefilters now restored correctly (#1680920) Translation updates: - Japanese

WinMerge - 2007-03-20 (r4179)

New copy confirmation dialog in folder compare (#1675087, #1683842) Improved line filter dialog (#1682475) Installer/uninstaller icons restored to default icons Some icon updates (#1680209) Bugfix: folder compare lost focus after confirmation dialog (#1670991) Bugfix: crash comparing empty folders (#1675211) Translation updates: - Czech - French (#1664689) - Polish (#1673082) - Swedish (#1673908, #1678676, #1683289)

WinMerge 2.7.2 - 2007-02-27 (r4137)

Fix ShellExtension installation bug Translation updates: - Czech - German (#1667564) - French (#1664689)

WinMerge - 2007-02-20 (r4120)

Folder compare threading improvement - should be faster in many situations (#1662002) New options for backup file location and naming (#1652696) Syntax highlighting for CSS files (#1582537) Allow to hide folder compare margins (View/View Margins) (#1663798) Translation updates: - Czech - Polish (#1650831) - Swedish (#1657664)

WinMerge - 2007-02-01 (r4094)

New post-compare line filters for folder compare (#1644820) Optimization for word wrap code (#1640741) Bugfix: forgets selected filter (#1637433) Bugfix: limiting to single file compare window now works more logically (#1636314) Bugfix: ANSI regular expressions didn't work (#1644668) Translation updates: - Bulgarian (#1639493) - Catalan (#1646638) - Swedish (#1634968)

WinMerge - 2007-01-10 (r4030)

New line filter implementation (please test and report bugs!) (#1593810) Minimum height for location pane's visible area (#1489875) Short label "Error" for error items in folder compare (#1567749) Bugfix: rename edits wrong field in folder compare (#1597939) Bugfix: too much scrolling in difference navigation Bugfix: wrong text selection after pane switch in file compare (#1630630) Bugfix: crash when editing space-char indented files (#1631613) Manual updates

WinMerge - 2006-12-21 (r3991)

Match lines inside differences (#1447744) Workaround-patch (locally included to the build) for shutdown problems (#1602313) New ASP.Net filefilter (#1619689) Bugfix: folder compare speed regression in (#1610442) Bugfix: new fix for folder compare Copy Left/Right To.. (#1603061) Bugfix: copyright info missing from about dialog when translation selected (#1604115) Bugfix: location pane problems with word-wrap (#1584068, #1611542) Bugfix: invalid path added to project file -dialog (#1602219) Swedish translation update (#1614442) Manual updates

WinMerge - 2006-12-05 (r3919)

Now hides skipped items by default (#1604078) Improved INI file syntax highlighting (#1607193) Easier folder selection in Project File -dialog (#1603196) New "Exclude Source Control files and directories filter" filefilter (#1557295) Bugfix: project files weren't loaded correctly from command line (using shell file association) (#1602214) Bugfix: crash in syntax parser (#1556688) Bugfix: wrong difference navigation when word-wrap enabled (#1597814) Bugfix: ClearCase integration didn't install if "Program Files" -folder was named differently (non-English Windows) Manual updates Slovak translation update (#1606496)

WinMerge - 2006-11-24 (r3844)

close WinMerge if Open-dialog is canceled when started from command line (#1600714) BugFix: project files didn't work (loaded right-side path for both sides) (#1600000) BugFix: location pane misdrawn when word-wrap enabled (#1584068)

WinMerge - 2006-11-16 (r3810)

Use expat + scew for XML handling (partially converted) (1587574) Uses PCRE for regular expressions (partially converted) (#1591605) New folder compare icons (#1586705) New bookmarks icons (#1586689) Manifest files in resource, no need for separate files (#1588212) BugFix: WinMerge/Filters folder was always created (#1578419) BugFix: modality problems in file selection dialogs (#1586869) BugFix: crash if file modification time was missing (#1589563) BugFix: /x parameter didn't work with some other parameters (#1564283) BugFix: asked sometimes twice about saving modified files (#1596692) For older changes look at the VCS (Version Control System).